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Monday, June 11, 2012

A Bit Of News

Gothic Mansion

I've just been asked when I'm going to update the Gothic Mansion progress. So far it's sat under my staircase 80% finished. It's furnished but I need to do a few bits of wallpapering and a small job on the roof. I'm also wondering if I should put lights in it or not. I had to stop work on it for a quite a bit, while I finished of more important projects. I will return to it soon I might have pictures by the end of July.

Grey Mansion

I spent today wallpapering and taking pictures of my new grey mansion. Unfortunately I've managed to delete the pictures I took outside so I need another sunny day to take more but here's a picture of the back. The mansion is fully furnished and I've added a separate conservatory, painted car and a fence ( not shown ). I will create it's own page on the Mansions blog soon and a link.

Red House Diary

I bought a couple of red mansions last year and my plan is to decorate them including lighting, real flooring etc. I thought I'd share my progress as a diary page. It's something that will probably take a year or so to do but I thought visitors might find it interesting as I had a lot of good feedback when I did a similar one for Houghton Hall.

Wallpaper Sets

If you've had a chance to look at any of my buildings you'll see they are all decorated with wallpapers and flooring. What you might not realise is I design all the wallpapers myself from freely available images from the web. Creating patterns, adding boarders pictures etc, then shrinking them all down to the correct scale and printing them myself. I've designed custom wallpaper and flooring sets for several people before now and I'm hoping to set up a page with designs on for sale. So if anyone has the original 5300 Victorian Mansion and would like to change the interiors you can do. It will be a limited range to start while I get things set up and I see how much interest I get.


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