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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Victorian Market & Shops

Well the weather has been a bit rough this week and it looks like more snow and ice over the next few weeks. So it's put my larger projects on hold as I'm still waiting for good weather to do some painting!
It's not the only thing delayed, my new computer has still not been built AARRRGGGHHHHHHH.
I should get it next week, but in the meantime I've got everything backed up ready for the transfer so it's causing a bit of havoc.

I have managed to get a lot done though and I will have lots of pictures to share.

First of all is a new street market for Melinda.
More pictures on my Victoriana Page.

Next I've finished one Victorian Pharmacy and I'm just waiting for some bookcases to finish the second.

My two Chocolate shops are almost finished, my last job is to make all the small chocolates. More pictures later today.

I've finished both the wine shops and will have finished the jewelers later today expect some great photos tomorrow!


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